Studio Blanc is comprised of passionate photographers to help you create ideal visuals to represent your brand.


flatlay / still life

Eye catching, high quality photography showcasing your product in multiple views.

ghost mannequin

Show the depth of your clothing without the use of a model.

on-model / on-figure

Photography that gives a level of character and shape to your garments. On-model photographs also help to empower your brand by helping customers “own” the item by envisioning what the product will look like on them.

Lifestyle / Lookbook

Nothing reinforces your brand better than having images created in environments that compliment your products in a captivating, real-life context.

social content

Social media specific creative photography produced and framed for the purpose of posting across social media channels.

branded content

Brand specific content encompasses creative still life and on-model photography, showcased across website landing pages and branding materials which are a key component in advertising / marketing materials.


Utilizing the industries best standards in post-production workflow for high volume commercial / e-commerce photography


Extensive experience in retouching beauty, product or on-model photography. We manage high volume e-commerce to advertising campaigns.


We’re all about creating those eye-catching visuals everyone loves. We go the extra mile to make sure your images build a genuine connection between your audience and your brand, without taking ourselves too seriously.

Mariam and Sheldon Portrait

Mariam + Sheldon

People remember 80 percent of what they see, and 20 percent of what they read.
The power of an image is hard to ignore.

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