Frequently Asked Questions

When am I going to receive my images?

Our turnaround is usually 10 business days starting with the day of the shoot.

I want to do an on-model shoot, are you providing models?

No we do not providing any models. You have to book the models yourself for your photoshoot.

We are in a rush, can we get the images faster?

Yes it can be possible to retouch faster, we need to know in advance, so we can plan accordingly. Some rush fees may apply.  

What your process looks like? Can I still comment the images when I receive them?

In term of process we always send you a sample for your approval first, when we have your approval we shoot all of your items.  When we send you the finals images you can provide any comments/ feedback which we will use to re-edit.

I would like to do a Lifestyle shoot with accessories, how does it work?

You have to provide us the accessories for the shoot and a brief/ moodboard. 

Do I receive my images ready for the web?

Yes, you can give us your specifications and we’ll prepare the images accordingly.

Maximum amount of time samples can be left in the Studio

When your project is completed, we prefer that you pick up your samples as soon as possible. However, we understand that things happen, you get busy and/or might forget. For a period of up to 6 months we will keep your samples in our studio and remind you to pick up. After the period of 6 months you do not pickup, we will either recycle or donate your samples.

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