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The Highest Standards in Ecommerce Photography:
Product Laydown, Ghost Mannequin, and On-Figure Photography

Product laydown photography

Still Life / Product Laydown

Eye catching, high quality photography showcasing your product in multiple views.

Ghost mannequin photography

Ghost Mannequin

Show the depth of your clothing without the use of a model.


Photography that gives a level of character and shape to your products. On-model photographs also help to empower your brand by helping customers “own” the item by envisioning what the product will look like on them.

On-figure photography

Lifestyle / Lookbook

Nothing reinforces your brand better than having images that creating in environments that compliment.

Lifestyle photography

Advanced Editing Options

Clipping Paths & Masks

Used to create an outline of your product and model so that you can use the image in any medium and apply a background color or image seamlessly.


Natural or drop shadows add subtle depth that will increase your products’ appeal.


Add a subtle reflection to your product image to create a glossy look. Perfect for jewellery or cosmetics.

Change Garment Hues

If you offer multiple colours for your product but do not have the physical product to photograph, we can create multiple colour swatches per garment without losing texture sharpness, highlights or shadows.

Crop, Pad, Align

Using ecommerce marketplace standards for cropping, setting margins, and vertically aligning images will make browsing your site a smooth experience.

SEO Friendly Filenaming

SEO standards say image names are important. Move away from the generic photo names (ie. DSC_001, IMG_0001), we name images based on the product and description.

People remember 80 percent of what they see, and 20 percent of what they read.
The power of an image is hard to ignore.

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